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Does anyone have horrible leg pain?


I do not know what this could be. I am a thirty one year old male with Interstitial Cystitis as my main pelvic problem. I was diagnosed with IC seven years ago. For four years it was in remission and it came back three years ago and hasn't went away since. Only symptom I have ever had was it hurt when my bladder filled and felt better when I voided. Well the past six weeks I could feel little sharp pains in my bladder about five times a day. Also I get sharp pains in my hips and my thighs. Well lately I have been having terrible leg pain. It is a constant horrible dull ache in my thighs. My bladder doesn't hurt but my thighs are killing me and I do not know what is causing it. My doctor was no help so I am going get a second opinion. Does anyone suffer or has suffered with something like this?

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Your leg muscles could spasm from bladder pain or it can be neurological, I have PN and my thighs hurt too even though they are not serviced by the same nerve.. it’s a nerve talk I heard, they pass pain signals to each other

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