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Hello every one

I have been having this pain under my belly that is my pelvic place last month and I decided to go for Scan and it happen that I have (PID) and I never known what is the full meaning until I need to check on line and find the meaning since then my life never remain the same, the worst part is am just a newly pride who just married for 4 months now without any sign of pregnancy so I have been going on herbal remedy and the pains are no longer like b/f so now I just want to know if I should still go for X- ray diagnosis to still find out. Pls someone should advice me on what to do nest

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Do exactly what the doctor tells you to do. If they are ordering X-rays you need to go get them. Especially if you want to get pregnant.


I agree, have an X-ray done.

Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease before? PID can be caused by that.

Some women produce too much prostaglandin when ovulating. Has your doctor booked you to see an Endocrinologist and/ or a fertility specialist? You need to rule out wndometriosis as well.

Keep us posted. Good luck.



Definitely go for the x-ray as it’s important PID is Successfully treated to prevent future complications. It’s likely the X-ray is to check it has been treated successfully - you don’t mention if you were given any treatment? PID can be caused by sexually transmitted infections but it can also be caused by hysteroscopy or having a mirena fitted. I have had both the hysteroscopy 4 times and mirena fitted and removed twice and never experienced any infections so although the risk is there when these are carried out under a general anaesthetic the anaesthetist will usually inject an antibiotic to cover the risk of infection. The risk generally of getting an infection and/or PID from these generally even when carried out as an outpatient is still very small.

I personally don’t think your symptoms sound like endometriosis (I have the condition myself and adenomyosis). At the moment it is too soon for you to be booked into to see one of the specialists mentioned and if in the UK it is unlikely your GP would be allowed to until you had tried for a pregnancy for a reasonable period of time ( it’s the same for many conditions which can potentially cause infertility) Many people with PID once treated quickly will go on to get pregnant naturally. Please try not to worry until you have the results from your x-ray. Let us know how you get on and feel free to ask any questions


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