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Large fibroid

Hi there - I have a fibroid - diagnosed after an ultra sound about 5 months ago and described as s tennis ball size. I’ve noticed over the last month that when I’m lying in bed I can really feel it and it feels much bigger now -grapefruit size - it also presses on my bladder. If hurts slightly when pressing and the occasional sharp pain - I have had a Mirena cool fitted for the last 9 years due my 3rd I’m a years time. The strings from this have disappeared hence after ultrasound to find discovered I had a large fibroid. Are there any successful treatments, diets etc I can have, is it worth having a hysterectomy as I don’t want any more children - any advice ?

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Hey , I had a 10cm fibroid removed 2 months ago , after trying to get bleeding & pain under control . I had a mirena inserted in jan , but that did not help in fact it was flushed out. I had a TCRF, essentially shaved off the fibroid , quick recovery etc. But obviously your situation maybe different so whatever suits you. I found no diet etc helped.


Hi, I have a 15cm fibroid which was detected by an ultra sound about a month ago. I have just had my pre-op and there were many different options that I could opt for, however because of how big my fibroid is, medication to shrink would only shrink it about 5 cms, and they couldn't go through keyhole because of the size of it, so I am booked in to have a myomectomy in February. I did ask if there were any diets etc they could use, and they did state that there as an option where I could into a clinic in London and have two injections in my groin area, and leave them there for a couple of hours to cut the blood supply off to my fibroid which could then bleed out, but unfortunately I wasn't allowed this option, so it may be an option for you?

Unfortunately, I have to go through the "c section" op and have mine removed that way, and although i'm only 26 with no children, hysterectomy has been mentioned. I am very uncomfortable, and especially when I lay down flat I get a really stretching feeling which isn't pleasant. If you get to speak to a Gyno, ask them for the options as there are plenty I could have had if my fibroid wasn't so big. :)


I had a total hysterectomy last week due to multiple fibroids, one very large at 16cmx11cm. I have been through the menopause and was advised that this was the best course of action for me - very large fibroids can cause problems for other organs. Mine pushed everything upwards and caused chest pain. You are much younger than me so if your ovaries are unaffected they can be left and you won’t need hrt. So far my recovery has been remarkably problem free, just very very tired. The recovery period is long because of this. I was really anxious at the thought of major surgery (had to have abdominal surgery due to the size of the large fibroids) but I’m now glad I went through with it. Even though it’s early in my recovery I can see that the fibroids were affecting my overall well-being a lot - already my chest pain has gone and lower back pain as well. And I don’t look pregnant anymore but I do have a little baby bump, hoping that’ll go when I can get back to Pilates. From what you’ve said your fibroid is affecting your bladder and in your situation I would want to get something done in case there is any chance of bladder damage.


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