Control PNE / PN with phisio / chiro or osteopath?

Hi All,

still struggling real bad with Pudendal Nerve symptoms - i have injections booked in london on the 4th but seen a few stories on here that peoples symptoms are now worse.....has anyone beaten this horrible evil with professional help , phisio , chiro , osteopath and so on..i live near london ( berkshire ) any help would be great....can anyone advise some home exercises?

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  • I see a chiropractor regularly to deal with other side effects caused by not sitting straight/standing lots because of PNE. I’ve had two nerve blocks done. One done with steroids by an inexperienced doctor made it worse for a few months, the second done by a very experienced doctor gave me a definite diagnosis, but I refused the steroids so it was back to normal the next day. Eventually had surgery and am starting to feel the benefit now after six months. I couldn’t have stayed at work without the help of my Chiropractor. But we are all different. Take care.

  • where did you have the surgery?

  • In Bristol

  • Do you think steroids in the nerve block are not a good idea then?

  • Everyone is different. It doesn’t agree with me, but its steroids that have the therapeutic effect of calming the nerve. Without steroid is purely diagnostic to see which nerve causes the pain.

  • praying for you....meds have helped me....I exercise using the stair master and try to stay away from the core exercises, even walking can bring on symptoms but I found the stairmaster to be the best for me. I am on Neurontin 300mg twice a day. Cymbalta 30mg daily with very occasional need for Tramadol. May you find relief and be blessed with comfort from the Good Lord.

  • Did you say you had seen a pelvic therapist ?.

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