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New member with vulvodynia

Hi everyone I'm new to this group and just need support dealing with pelvic pain.

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Welcome to the group. Sorry for your pain, but you are among people who understand. How long have you had the pain and what help, if any, have you received so far? Are you on medication? From my own point of view, after years of research and trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that assessment by a specialist pelvic pain physiotherapist was the key to improvement. There is definitely a link between the brain and pain, which tends to increase with anxiety, therefore I try to practice 10 minutes meditation a day (I don't always succeed). There are books that offer advice and suggest exercises, e.g. Heal Pelvic Pain and A Headache in the Pelvis. We are all different, but for anyone with any kind of pain, relaxation is important (though it can be difficult when you are in pain). I find that walking and gentle yoga help me to relax, but I don't think it matters what you do, as long as you enjoy it. I hope this helps. A lot will depend on how long you have had the pain and your exact symptoms. Good luck.


I've has vulvodynia for 10 yrs and had a Vestibelctomy in July and I think it's working. Way to early to tell yet but instead of 24 hrs of pain it's coming in waves.

About a week prior to surgery I stated feeling tingling in my clitoris, and that has freaked me out. Doctor says it's Vulvodynia.


welcome to our very friendly board of people with pelvic pain of all types, just to start with vulvodynia is not really a diagnosis, it is a term doctors use for pain of the vulval area so it doesnt explain why you have the pain, secondly what is your treatment plan? i have "vulvodynia" caused by pne and a very tight pelvic floor, there are treatments to help so you have to find whatever suits you, also you will get lot of info and support from the members of this board as we are all very knowledgeable about out conditions, more so than a lot of the doctors, any questions just ask



I've has pelvic floor therapy in the past. I guess my next step is to see a neurologist. I really enjoy this site so far and feel supported. Thank you.


what did your pelvic floor therapy consist of, was it a specialist physio or just standard physio. you need to see someone with experience of pelvic pain in its many forms, whereabouts are you in the uk or are you overseas


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