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New here, pelvic pain, anxiety, thinking I have pgad. Would like to hear about experience with this.

Hi everybody, last month I started having weird pelvic and lower back pain as well as muscle spasms/tightness in my vagina and sometimes my butt too. Had a pap smear and other tests done and everything came back normal, tomorrow I'm getting an ultrasound to check for other problems. The worst part is it feels like my vagina is always contracted or there's something in there and sometimes has other problems like spasms, tingling, warmth etc. Upon doing research I came across (persistent genital arousal disorder) and I'm really scared that it might be the case for me. If anyone else has this I'd like to hear about your experience and what you do to cope. I'm hoping the ultrasound will give me an explanation.

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Hi sorry to hear you are having radiating pain. Does the pain worsen before or after bowel movements? Make sure you discuss pelvic floor dysfunction pain (levator ani spasms) I have had the pain for years but never understood 12 pelvic surgeries, problems with UTI, constant constipation alternating with diarrhea but was never mentioned till my 50's and this started after my 2nd child. For me it was and is a gripping throbbing twisting pain that is actually in the muscle between the vagina and anal canal (although until talking through with a GI always thought it was totally vaginal). The pain also will start in small of back radiate through the pelvic floor into vaginal area and around to front almost like menstral cramps. PGD feels more like constant orgasim almost pleasant except you can't get it to stop. It sounds like what you are experiencing is not pleasant in any way. Check out the book "Migraine in the Pelvis" it is on Amazon. Doctors are not real knowledgeable on this I have had botox (didn't work) PT (somewhat), finally methodone for a time, vaginal valium suppositories (the best) Mine is connected with back disc pain as well. I live in Maryland finally approved for medical marijuana whenever they decide to open dispenseries. I wish you luck since you have just started on the journey gather as much as you can find on pelvic floor pain on the internet I am sorry but you will have to be your own advocate on this don't let it go to long it will not get better. Sending Hope:)


My pain is rectal and vaginal., for 13 years been through everything. Now I'm having a Ganglion Dorsal Root Stimulation. Very hard to explain . Basically they implant leads by the vaginal and rectal wall. These leads tell the nerves not to send pain messages to the brain. This is very new for pelvic pain or really other pain issues in the U.S, they have been using it in Europe for years Google it. I'm tentively having the implant Sept 19th


Good Luck! I hope the best for you! Keep us posted please. I've had 3 spinal stim cord trials, but am getting ready to start my 13th year of PN & ready to try a stim again. Ganglion Root sounds very interesting!


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