CBD oil for pain management of Pudendal Neuralgia

Hello fellow PN'ers. I was curious who in our circle has tried CBD oil to help manage their pain from PN. Thanks!

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  • I tried it and sadly, felt no results. My dad also tried it for knee pain and felt no improvement either. Everyone reacts differently though.


  • 😞 I'm sorry.

  • Topical cannabis & CBD oil and edibles has really help with my pain, I posted about it recently and was told by Chillijava one of the people in this group that I am not allowed to talk about anything that is illegal in your country, if we don't share whats working to maybe make that available to everyone. Just saying, I guess I could find a pain group with more of an open mind to possibilities of a more natural way to find relief.

  • CBD oil is legal in the US, in all 50 states from what I have researched. It's legal in my state as I know others who use it for chronic pain. I think it's important to talk about because the opioids are becoming a real problem for people. I myself HATE Percocet. I like the pain relief it gives me, but I hate that it makes me feel loopy and makes me nauseous. Not only that, but it can be dangerous too! I'm looking for a better way to manage my pain. One that won't cause addiction or make me feel high as a kite. Thank you for your reply.

  • I agree pain meds do so much damage to my intestines etc. I can't take them. I live in California we are legal but it's still not from the FEDs, should have it sorted by January

  • Hi Fairymonster,

    Unfortunately cannabis is still illegal in this country. CBD products however when sold above a certain strength are classified as a medicine and have to firstly be licensed as a company to sell this product and also they meet certain criteria. Products falling below this strength can't be guaranteed to be effective or contain much oil - they are also unlikely to help much with pain. The legality of CBD has remained a dark area in terms of the law with little in terms of clarification over the years as it doesn't simply fall into right or wrong but also the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacists, pharmacologists, toxicologists, doctors from various specialties etc who all had a desire to help patients but also obey by their oath to prevent harm.

    At the moment there is no strong evidence to suggest it works or that it is completely safe to use as the jury is still out on this, but for those that do want to use it please please ensure you make it known to your doctors firstly in case there are known contraindications for use with other drugs. Secondly the legality of using medicine classified CBD oil could change and finally cannabis isn't legal here in the U.K. which is why we can't discuss its use on a charity message board - it might be fine in the US but we are still governed by strict rules on here. We also cannot endorse the use of CBD oil on here or its products. A link with further information is posted below


    I hope this helps

  • I understand what your saying and hope some day those law change for many folks that could use relief with out pain meds. I will look for other pain support forum that allow freedom to even talk about it.

  • We'd still appreciate it if you stayed, we embrace both lifestyle changes and medications when appropriate which can be used together or separately

  • I started CBD oil. Right now on Hemp oil and going thru my state to get the Cannabis oil. It has helped me tremendously. I also don't do certain stretches so that it does not get more irritated my nerve.

  • That's great!! So glad you have relief!

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