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AnyOne Know ?

I have been getting bad pains in my side and all down my right leg,does anyone know what I should do....

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Hi. I'm sorry to hear you're suffering.I know how awful it is.. I finally got around to seeing one of a few GP's at my practice who actually seems to know things. He is very thorough too and I feel with him that he goes the extra mile..I still have pain deep in the right side which goes into my groin. I am having blood tests tomorrow.

with you saying 'all down your leg' could it be nerve related like sciatica? Is it worse bending?...The GP has said to me that because I'm over 50 they always check for cervical cancer which presents with random stomach pains. I also have one of two kidney diseases that haven't yet been fully diagnosed because my kidney function tests are always normal, but they are always on the look out...Sometimes pain can be due to infection and antibiotics needed.A different GP originally gave me some, but I knew I didn't have a water infection and so the pain continued. My pain first came on stabbing me in the right side, feeling much more like kidney stone in my urethra? It is now a dull ache, worse at random times.

I would suggest you see your GP if you have had the pains constantly for a while now so they can check it out. They may need to refer you on? I am going to be having a scan.. At least for now they may give you some adequate pain relief. Sorry I cant be more helpful. Take care. Best wishes x

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Thank You,Ill Just Head Too The Doctors And I will See If They Can Tell Me... Just Though I Would But It Up Just Though Maybe Someone Had The Same But Thanks Anyways.. Hope Your Feeling Better Soon .. Thanks For The Reply Tho...


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