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I'm new here and desperately in need of help. Up all night with pelvic pain which is worse when lying down. Have all the symptoms mentioned in NHS feature. Doctors have not picked this up hence my health search. I am soo tired, have been walking the floors nightly for two years. Have got to the stage that I cannot even sleep day problem is getting worse!

Irene Curran

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Please keep going back to GP. Phone them every day if you have to. Phone and ask for urgent phone call back.

Not sure what you mean by "all the symptoms mentioned in NHS feature" ?? What feature?

Can you give more specific details of symptoms? Have you looked up NHS choices?

You can call Out-of-hours GP during night OR go to A&E.

You should not be left to tolerate such pain alone.





have you had any investigations or seen anyone about your symptoms, or received any treatment ie meds


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Have you had any investigations such as colonoscopy or proctogram?


My problem is worse when I lay down as well. I have no pelvic pain but do have perineal burning and pressure. I had coccyx removed as it was inverted and dangling. Thought that might have been culprit. I take Clonazaepam to help me sleep at night, Tramadol 50 for pain and 150 mg of Lyrica. Rocky68


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