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A new sufferer of pelvic pain seeking advice


I started with pelvic pain 8 weeks ago and have had it pretty constantly since then. It is mainly on my left side but spreads to my right. I have severe cramps all the time but when it gets bad its like a band across my lower abdomen and down into my groin area - I also think my left leg goes numb but the doctors don't really seem to believe this.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your support and help

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Hi Penny

8 weeks is a long time to suffer this isn't it. Please keep going back to doctors. I know it's not easy when they are so dismissive and look at you as if they think you are a hypochondriac but it's your body and you are in real pain. You can ask for a diagnosis.

I am assuming that you took an early morning urine sample in for testing to eliminate Urine tract infection? Have you had any diarrhoea recently?

Do you ever suffer with constipation?

Did anything in particular happen just prior to or at the onset of this pain.

Keep on at doctors. If there are different ones in the practice, try them all till they take notice.

Why don't you ask to be sent for an Ultrasound scan?

Did doctor take any blood tests?

Keep pestering doctor.

X Mary



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