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Hi everyone, just wanted to give a quick update. My gyno had a cancellation so I was able to get in and have my diagnostic laparoscopy done today. Yay! But unfortunately, it did turn out to be endometriosis. :( I guess I'm happy in a sense to finally have some closure and know what's going on, but still down a bit. Currently resting, as I don't do well with anesthesia, going for my follow up on April 13th, will check back in then! xoxoxxo -

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I am glad you finally have a diagnosis, it is a confusing time; you are happy that you know at last what has been going on and why you have been in so much pain but you are upset because you have endo.

There is an Endometriosis group on Healthunlocked I found it through the pelvic pain support group and they are so helpful and really understand what you are dealing with right now.


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