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I was talking to a lady on here few weeks back now about vulvodynia .well mine started 6 months to a yr ago I did not no what it was back then . The doctor sent me for a camera in the bladder there he found 2 tumours.i had to in hospital over xmas for a day to have them removed .after doing so the vulvodynia got so bad and that's when they said I had this . Now since beg Feb the symptoms have eased an awful lot they are not sure if that has trigger it all of .but when I go back to hospital next month to see if the cancers kept away I will be asking him .im on oxybutinin and iv been taking from health food shop digestive acidophilus and rhamnosus .these clear all the bad things out your body unlike yukholt that also puts in bad stuff into your body .it has eased so much now .im hoping this will help other ladies on here .

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