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European Access to Care Survey - please take the time to have a look and help

Hello Everyone

I've stumbled across this survey which popped up on my news feed on Facebook. It's been posted on the migraine trust although I'm sure other charities have it on their sites. It's a survey about pain which includes all types including pelvic pain. It's open to males and females. Below is the statement that has been posted and I've included a link to the page to start the survey

European 'Access to care' survey

The Pain Alliance Europe - (an umbrella organisation for charities that help to improve the lives of people with chronic pain) are conducting a short Europe-wide survey to assess the speed of diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain across different countries.

One in five Europeans, around 100 million people suffer from pain and the health care costs and productivity losses are estimated to be at the 450 billion level.

21% of pain patients are unable to work and 48 million employed people have pain directly impacting on their lives. The survey has just 25 tick-box questions and the results will be presented at the annual Societal Impact of Pain event held in Malta, in June.

The survey link is

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