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Hi, im looking for the woman that i spoke with a month or so ago that had surgery with Dr. Dellon, Please respond. Thanks

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  • You could put Dr. Dellon or appropriate word in the search box and find the person you spoke to this way. Then you will be able to send a private message to her

  • I believe her name was Susan -1

  • Peiper did you also have surgery from Dr Dellon?

    I am thinking of seeing him.


  • yes i did

  • Was it for posterior femoral cutaneous nerve or pudendal neuralgia? or ?

    please tell me how you are doing. I have Butt pain presumably posterior femoral neuroma. I need a posterior femoral cutaneous nerve block but I am having difficulty finding a D. that knows how to do this type of block.

  • i had pudendal neuralgia. i don't know if dr. dellon deals with that. i am doing pretty well. still have some pain, some days are better than others. i don' think it is possible to get complete pain relief, i would say i am 70% better. i can live with that. good luck to you. dr. delllon will email with you and answer questions concerning your condition and tell you if he thinks he can help you. go to his website dellon institute and fill out his questionairre.

    best of luck


  • Dr. Dellon can block the posterior femoral cutaneous nerve. He told me in an email.

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