Hi new, advice?!

Hi I'm 36 and been having a few issues with my period for a while, so visited gp he checked my hormones to see if early menopause (I am on the pill but periods have all but disappeared down to a day max and just dark red/brown) he suggested coming off the pill. So after my pill break I stopped then about a week or 10 days later I had really bad low pelvic pain - mainly on my left but also on right and also all across bottom of my abdomen it felt sore really sore and it hurts there when I wee and pass wind. It passed a few days later then about a week later I had my period and that was awful too very painful breasts and back - bled for 2 days almost tho and actual red blood on day one. Anyways about 10 days later and again I'm in pain???

I booked in to see my gp but couldn't get in til next week, do you think it's worth going to walk on centre??


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