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So last year i was diagnosed with PID, not knowing how long i had it or how i got it. To this very day it still hasnt been treated because im allergic to the medicine that was prescribed to me. I called to tell my doctor i was having an allergic reaction to the medicine... nothing else has been done. Im 17 so im not able to make doctor appts and go to them by my self. Ill be 18 in 2 weeks, but Im worried it may be too anyways that i wont be ablw to have kids. Yes i know im 17 i shouldnt be thinking about kids, i dont need a lecture from anyone ... im 17 and early graduate & start college in August & ive been with my boyfriend for 2 years we both know we're not resdy for kids ... i dont need a lecture because i dont want kids right now. Its just something thats worries me every day because i see all my friends having happy little families, i feel that i wont get to have a little happy family when im ready.

I don't know what to do. I'm stressing so bad thinking that im damaged down there because i was told that they think i had it for a long time so they gave me some really strong medication. And ima assume ive had it for 4 years ... because i used to wipe the wrong way when i was younger

Can anyone help or give advice?

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I read your post, so sorry you're going through this. I would suggest you call the doctor back and ask them to prescribe a different antibiotic. If you've been diagnosed, you should not have to go back to see the doctor. If the doctor wants to see you for some reason, hopefully you can get a friend or family member to get you there. If your family/mother doesn't know what you're going through, maybe it's time to confide in them. Your health is too important. Good luck.

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