Pelvic floor dysfunction and interstitial cystitis- can you recommend any clinic which is offering all treatments for IC/ PFD in one place?

Do you know any clinic with good urologyst, gynecologist, pelvic floor physiotherapist, pain management... everything in one place.maybe some program for patients coming abroad, with duration 2 weeks or something like that... I do not have specialists in my country dealing with these conditions, so I am thinking going somewhere in Europe or USA. I need your recommendations. Thank you for your help!!!!

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  • If you are looking for an Multi team approach possibly Maria Elliot in London as she works in the London Pain clinic with an excellent pain consultant, clinical psychologist and she herself is a brilliant Pelvic floor Physiotherapist. She also works closely with other specialists as needed. Maria is a brilliant person

  • Just left San Francisco and spent the week at Dr Jerome Weiss office. I couldn't make a better recommendation

  • The Woman's Hospital of Texas or Memorial Hermann Pelvic Center both are in Houston Texas

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