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Pelvic pain chronic bleeding eleven days straight

Hey everyone as i type this I'm in so much pain it feels like someone elbowing me in between my ribs on my left side and I can't lay on it at all I've been bleeding for eleven days straight this stuff as a happening for months but the pain never has been this bad and the bleeding would usually slow down not this time I've also lost about ten pounds in the past month. I've had a procedure done four yrs ago to remove part of my cervix . First i thought this was a cyst now I'm worried it's ovarian cancer

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I would suggest that you go to your doctor asap and tell him your symptoms and concerns. I may be wrong, but I thought ovarian cancers was painless. The rib pain could have many different causes, I can get a pain so sharp that it hurts to move from IBS, which normally acted up with period pain. But hopefully your doctor will know more, I'm no expert at all. I'm sure they can help to stop the bleeding too. That is exhausting and you may become anaemia, which strangely enough can make the bleeding worse. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.


Ovarian cancer isn't painless especially in the later stages. It just doesn't show up on anything till the later stages except white blood cells and the symptoms are all over: bloating, lower back pain, trouble eating (getting full easily), urinary symptoms.

On a side note, Sueboooo have you been checked for endometriosis, I'm asking because I was misdiagnosed with IBS but I only got diahrria during my period.


I had endometriosis for many years, together with IBS.. I had a full hysterectomy aged 30.

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If you had part of your cervix removed there's a possibility of the cancer growing back, go and get a Pap smear they can still do it when your bleeding.

Irregular bleeding is a sign of cervical cancer.


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