He is only 14

My son is 14 and has been experiencing pain in his perini for 3 months. He has had a colcoscopy, drank dye, internal camera ,MRI, blood and urine sample. He has been told by the consultant to stop taking ceding and Ibrufen. He can't get an erection, has blood in his urine once a day, his bladder is holding too much urine, he has burning when urinating, he can't sleep and can't walk far or do many sports. He has no infection that they can detect

Please can anyone help. Thankyou


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  • I am sorry to hear of your sons predicament at such a young age. I would suggest you ask your GP to refer your son to a Urologist. They will be able to do the necessary tests to hopefully find the cause. What you can do is try to make some brief notes on when the symptoms started. If there was any injury that could have started this. How the symptoms have changed / worsened over the last three months. All the best.

  • Thankyou, he has seen a urologist and had all the tests but they can't find what is wrong. There is no injury that has caused it. Symptoms have been the same for 3 months

  • Good-morning. I would suggest going to a Uro-neurologist if you want further testing. As your son is in pain I would suggest a referral to Pain Management Clinic for a nerve block. This is where an injection of lignocaine and cortisone is injected along side the nerve to reduce pain and inflammation. You can google ' Pain Management Injections under CT guidance ' You can get a referral to the Pain Management Clinic via your GP.

    The Pain Management Specialist will take your sons history, do a clinical assessment then decide on the type of nerve block will be most beneficial. You will have to consent for this as your son is only 14 years old.

    You could still ask to get a referral to a Uro-neurologist aswell if you wish while your son is having pain management injections or you could wait to see if the Pain Management Injections will clear up the problem.

    All the best.

  • Thankyou very much

  • This sounds like cpps or pudendal entrapment,I have had this for 13 years on and off,it is very hard to get a diagnoses,you might find it will just clear up on its own as he is so young,a good book to read is Amy Steins book.( heal pelvic pain)

    Best regards Terry.

  • Thanks terry. I will get this book

  • From my readings cpps or nerve entrapment will not cause blood in urine. You must see a Uro ASAP. sounds like a renal system issue ( kidneys, ureters, bladder, and the urethra) possible tiny kidney stone thats stuck somewhere? Did you son have a Cystoscopy? Thats when a Dr looks into the bladder entering from the penis.

  • Thanks for this. He has had a cystoscope and MRI and everything looks fine. He is under urology consultant but he doesn't know what it is. He has been told to stop taking painkillers but he is in agony😩

  • Another great book is "A Headache in the Pelvis". Very hard to get a diagnosis. Unfortunately those with pelvic symptoms don't have a lot of options. Might look for pelvic floor physical therapist. They know more about these issues than physicians.

  • Gosh, I'm so sorry. Having a son myself you must feel horrible to see him in pain!

    As everyone has mentioned pelvic pain issues are hard to diagnose. Don't give up!!!

    I agree with going to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. But you definitely need a good one they're not all equal. Perhaps you can email:


    She is founder and past President of the Pelvic Pain Society and an excellent pelvic floor physical therapist. She is the best in the field and if you are not near one of her locations she can give you a couple of referrals because she knows several worldwide. Her company is called Pelvic Health and rehabilitation center, you can google and read her blog it might have some info as she's one of the few that treats men. She def knows more than most doctors I've seen over the past decade and I've seen her myself! Best of luck. Hang in there.

    God bless,


  • Thankyou diane

  • Stephanie is founder of her company pelvic health and rehabilitation center.

  • Hi

    Another book you may want to look into is Ending Male Pain by Isa Herrera. I read ending female pain and it is an excellent book she goes into great detail with different exercises but also gets very detailed with parts of the body. She in located in New York.

    Take care,


  • Sure it's not kidney stones? Has this been checked for?

  • Kidneys are fine

  • Hi having similar symptoms I saw a urologist and had tests similar to those you mention. One of many urine test showed infection but that cleared up but pain continued, also blood in urine. I then tried 3 things and my pain almost went. I followed the exercises in Amy Steins book ( but only the relaxing ones), I saw a pelvic floor physio twice and I started a gluten, diary and sugar free diet. After 2 weeks my symptoms had almost gone and getting over confident I stopped all of the above . The pain has returned but thankfully no where near to the degree previously so I've returned to the exercise and physio. The physio believes that the pain is coming from my oburator internus which is extremely tight. Hopefully therefore keeping up the exercises I'll be pain free again. If not I'll try the exclusion diet again, which was hard but if that's what it takes to remain pain free it will be worth it. I so hope your son finds some relief from his pain soon. So unfair on someone so young!

  • Thankyou so much. My son has an appointment with a specialist physio and I have ordered that book. I will try the diet thing but being 14 may prove a little difficult x

  • Ps. If an energetic 14 year old he will find the stretch exercises a bit naff. I use a 30 second abs app that I have on my phone to make sure I hold each of the stretches for 30 seconds.

  • I would get second and third opinion instead of waiting.

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