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He is only 14

Any ideas for pain relief. My son who has been told by urology consultant to stop taking Ibrufen and codeine but he is in agony. I have emailed a local physical therapist and ordered the books recommended. I would just like some immediate relief for him in terms of medication even if any natural remedies. Advice very much appreciated. He is starting to get quite low😰

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Easy for the doctors to say! I know he's only 14 but do they have something better to offer? Don't they realize we go to them for HELP??

I also take 2 hot baths a day, use a heating pad over belly. I'm better w heat. Your son may prefer ice?

The book Ending Male Pain might have some good suggestions.

How about acupuncture?

I'll try and think of more ideas...

Hopefully males will reply here...

Keep the faith🙏

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Another thought ... You may want to try your public library to see if they have some of these books so you do not have to buy them all.


I would have to agree with what your uro has said. I suffer from cluster headaches. I would take advil etc. like candy, Will it caught up with me. Advil class drugs will over time cause tiny pinholes in the intestines. This will cause a sloooow bleed out as what put me in ICU for a week.


may want to look into Tramadol family. Will help and also has a slight depression suppression quality to it.


Paracetamol works best for me,have tried antinflamatories they did not help,also I am a member of a closed site on face book called ( men surrering with chronic pelvic syndrome ) Lots of good info on there,I lost faith in urologists many years ago.

Best regards Terry.

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