Hi I am new on here. I have just been diagnosed with throcheneric bursitis. (Not sure it's spelt correctly) I had a steroid injection which hasn't worked. I can't lay down for sleeping or sit for too long or stand for too long. I have morphine for this and to help sleep. Also I have kidney stones that I am waiting for an operation to remove them. Any advise from you lovely people would most helpful to attempt to reduce the pain. Thanks

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  • I heard about ketamine injections for fibromyalga would that be worth asking a pain mgt specialist? Can I ask how they diagnosed it? What are your main symptoms? Does it affect your sleep position? I also heard local anaesthetic patches can work? X

  • The symptoms are pain in outer thigh down to my knee. I can't lay on it as it makes the pain worse. My gp did an x ray to make sure that my bones were OK which they were. So he came up with the bursitis diagnosis. He did an system before the cortisone so it was numy until that wore off with no releaf at all.

  • Hi Sue, thanks for reply. Not sure I understood what you mean about doing something before cortisone injection? Also are you saying it worked and brought relief until numbness wore off? X

  • Hi I ment anesthetic before cortisone injection and yes it did until it wore off..thanks

  • Hi you've really helped me work out what is causing this hip pain! I googled it and the symptoms exactly match so thank you. Its been 3 years now and can only sleep on my back. How long did the injection last? Was it hours or days?

  • Hi there it literally lasted about 7 hours and then there no change to the pain at all

  • Hi suepipes, If you google Trochanteric Bursitis it does recommend ice packs, paracetamol and or Ibuprofen for pain relief. I would ask your GP to discuss the x-ray report with you also to see if it definitely states Trochanteric Bursitis and that this is not just a possible diagnosis made by your GP. If it doesn't state Trochanteric Bursitis is definitely the cause I would ask to be referred to orthopaedics / hip specialist. Usually they will request an MRI to see if there is any other cause for the pain. All the best.

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