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Important information for those with long term pelvic pain

A message from Judy B...

PPSN, based in the UK, is the only charity in Europe ( and the rest of the world ) that represents those with long term pelvic pain. This message board is run by PPSN. We have been liaising with other European patient Associations in the field of long term pain for many years and have spoken on behalf of those with long term pelvic pain in the UK and the rest of Europe at meetings in Brussels several times. Many people with long term pelvic pain we have supported over the years have benefited from the diagnosis and care of doctors in other European countries, particularly in France. The following link regarding patients right’s is important.


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Do you have any contacts in the United States that represents women and men here in the US with Pelvic Pain. I have had it for nine years now.

Thank you.

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Atara Schimmel is the lady to contact I believe. I think she can he found on the pudendal hope FB page.


My pain I am told is down to adhesion around the space were my womb ovaries and tubes were ,not forgetting my bowl and bladder.Now I know there is no cure and more ops causes more adhesion ,but my pain and problems which are caused by this get worse a surgeon offered to remove whats left of my bowl for a bag and the same for my bladder clear out my stomach which could lead to this being damaged but has I was told if everything gone outside for a bit the adhesion cant grow back and then maybe after a while I may be able to have them put back.

That's if my breathing heart and swelling issues not forgetting the unexplained blackouts so can someone tell me what they would do ?

Because I give up and out of answers


I would make a post about your issues. There may be people with similar problems on the site who could give advice, but they may not see the post here. Good luck and take care.


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