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What to do?

Hello Everyone I am new to the group but not new to pelvic pain. For over 1 year I have had right side chronic pelvic pain that comes around the time of my cycle every month. My cycles are heavy for the 2nd day and barely there for the next 2 and then gone. I get a cycle every 20-25 days and towards the end of each one I want to pull my insides out; I have tried birth control pills- didn't work, ultrasound- a few cyst nothing alarming, and the doctors that I have been to don't seem to care that I am in terrible amounts of pain that I have never experienced before. This is hard for me because I have 2 small children and when the pain comes on i am done, sometimes it wakes me up and makes me cry and this is most of the time. At this point I still dont know whats wrong and I don't know what to do about it. 

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I am so sorry you're going through this. It sounds like what I went through - a long time ago now. I had adenomyosis. It's like endometriosis, but instead of being in the abdominal cavity it goes through the muscle wall of the uterus. It will make the uterus swell and I also got varicose veins to the uterus, which caused the heavy bleeding. I don't know if they became varicose because of the adenomyosis or not. I had a hysterectomy at age 28, by that time I was in bed 2 weeks out of a month with pain and weakness. I had 3 small children at that time. Medical science has come a long way since then, so you can research the latest on this condition. The hysterectomy did stop the pain, anemia (from heavy bleeding) and gave me strength back. However, there are other effects from this. Hopefully they better answers now. Best Wishes.


Maybe someone here knows a specialist in your area?


I would ask to be referred to a Gynaecologist my daughter has similar symptoms to you and after hospital admissions and given morphine, she finally got an appointment. I am sorry to say she was told she would grow out of it by two GPs until her hospital trip when a register recognised her symptoms and wrote to her GP to request a referral. You have to keep on you should not have to it isn't fair I hope this helps. So sorry you have had to deal with that level of pain with small children to care for.


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