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Injection in the pelvic area

My late brother in 2013 lost consciousness and fell on the floor. An ambulance was dispatched. On arrival of ambulance he was given drip. He soon regained consciousness but fell drousy after having supplied peramedics with his details.

He regained consciousness again on arrival at hospital and was reporting to be feeling numb. After his inspection by the Dr., he was taken to another division where the same Dr. gave him in private an injection in his pelvic area.

Not very long after this about 20 minutes he passed on.

My question is: What would this injection be and for what reason/diagnoses?

At that time I never could answer my self question. Not long ago on some questioning, I'm told this could have an injection to destroy his kidneys system and not long from then the person in question won't last long and will die. IS THIS TRUE?

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What a tragic loss. I can see why you would not be able to investigate this so soon after his passing. When one of my daughters died, I later got her medical records and met with the physician and a hospital representative to walk me through what had happened. They were worried about a lawsuit, but I explained that I just wanted help understanding. I got assistance from a hospital social worker to arrange the meeting, etc.

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What injection are you speaking of? Pudendal injection? 


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