Lidocaine infustion

I had a ilioinguinal nerve block yesterday that didn't help at all, even though that is exactly where my pain is at (lower left abdomen radiating into upper inner groin).  The pain dr. recommends I try a lidocaine infusion next.  This is where they put an IV in your arm and then systemically administer lidocaine into your bloodstream for 30 min.  She said it can help 'reset' the nervous system and calm down the painful nerve endings.  Anyone had any experience with this????

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  • I have had nerve blocks and instead of curing pain in pelvis I now have numb feet and fall over them. Also hands numb too

  • Every story I hear about nerve blocks talks about their ineffectiveness or causing bigger problems. We start to feel like we are living in world of illusionists masking false and failed treatments as cures for our problem.

  • I had the ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves resecuted, area is now numb no more pain.  I had the nerves blocked one each at a time to see the effect.  My dr found the nerves stuck in abnormal tissue. Google Dr lee dellon you can read about these nerves in groin pain chapter on his website

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