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I've been referred to Endo dept , just got some blood test results, can anyone tell me what questions I should ask/what it means?

Blood test results flag up positive for ana, ena and ro antibodies . I've been told I have a definite auto immune disease and I will be referred to specialist rheumatologist. Amazingly, I've been offered an NHS appointment tomorrow to discuss my results. As I have many symptoms and under specialists elsewhere trying to diagnose me, what questions should I ask in the consultation? Does anyone have useful advice for me how to get my head around!!

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Endometriosis is diagnosed via laparoscopy and pathology of the tissue. I'm not clear who you are seeing regarding the antibodies but this sounds different from endometriosis. I would ask whether they can establish a diagnosis based on the results of the tests you have had and what can be done to improve your symptoms. What are the symptoms you want to see improve ?

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I have chronic pelvic pain , which has dramatically increased in last 6 months, since I had an ovarian vein embolism performed. (I previously had varicose ovarian veins diagnosed laparoscopically ). The assumption to date has been that my chronic pain is due to gynae factors. I was advised to have either oopherectomy or hysterectomy. I opted for single ovary removal, to reduce pelvic pressure / resolve pain. It didn't help. I had a exploratory at same time. No endometriosis . I am booked to have a second ovarian vein embolism performed in 3 weeks to hopefully help, but now am wondering if some / many of my symptoms ( which have increased during past 6 months )are linked to new blood test. Which community forum should I bein? I should mention , I cannot walk far, drive more than 20mins, without chronic pain kicking in. I am starting in a pain management clinic soon.


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