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Tiny folding footstool

This idea may not pertain to many of you, but I can now sit a few more minutes at a time using a small footstool. Elevating my worst leg 4-5" provides a little relief. Now have three, one in each car and one at home. Made by Econo HIgh, Inc., about $25 on US Also helpful for blood clots, short legs, all sorts of nerve pains. Folds small enough to fit in purse--so I can also carry seat cushion. Have to keep sense of humor about needing all these gadgets.

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Yes, I've been using a stool for a few years. Could not sit without it. Mine is higher, but is also a fold down. It is a bit bulky, and I always carry a cushion with me. I know what you mean about all these gadgets, I also use ice all the time and heat on my belly/back. Your stool fits into a purse? 4-5" isn't high enough for me, can you put it on it's side? I would love a stool that folded down more. Thanks for your post.


If you Google the key words, quite a variety will show up. If you scroll down within product descriptions or people's questions, you can see how many inches tall the foot stools stand, the dimensions and weight when folded, etc. Would not work on its side. Yes, folds down to about 5 x 10 x 1". Under one lb., I slip it into purse side pocket, sticks up a few inches, like a larger paper back book. Gave up worrying about germs from my shoes on it, just spray it with Lysol every couple of trips out.


This is great! My pelvic floor therapist has recommended that I use a small footstool, just high enough to take the pressure off my pelvis and support my lower back. I haven't been able to find one short enough, but this one sounds like a winner. Thanks for sharing!

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