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Chances of not developing PID after 3.5 years with untreated Chlamydia?



I have been tested positive for Chlamydia. This came as a shock as neither myself or my boyfriend of 3 years has had symptoms. I slept with 3 people in the year prior to getting with my boyfriend so I believe it is from one of them (even though none of them had physical symptoms either). My boyfriend has only slept with me without a condom so I know it came from me. I am now really worried that this Chlamydia would have turned into PID as I've had it for so long, even though I don't have the main symptoms like pain during sex, irregular bleeding, pain during urination. Is there a chance I have had Chlamydia for this long and it not have traveled up and caused PID? I am desperate to be a parent and I've been worried sick and losing sleep since my test for Chlamydia came back positive. I am seeing the doctor on friday to try and get them to do tests but I've heard unless I've been trying for a year then they won't do anything. By then the damage could be even worse. Please can someone advise me, or share your story if you've been in a similar position.Thanks

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