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Any suggestions? Vulvodynia or what ?

I could do with some help ! I suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome. For the pas fey months I have had what feels like an extremely swollen and stinging 'undercarriage' Feels melon sized but isn't.First GP looked and said it looked normal apart from being dry, did a swab (negative it turned out) and gave me a Canestan tablet. Second GP gave me Sylk. Third GP added oestrogen cream.

I have burning feet (peripheral neuropathy) and this feels much the same. Not painful but very uncomfortable. Like my feet gets worse by evening. I have searched and searched on line but can't get any answers and am getting quite depressed.

Any ideas would be very welcome.... Especially if you have experienced something similar.

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There are a few Facebook groups about v that you can ask this question to perhaps you might get an answer from people who suffer from it.


Thank you Alyssa. Will look.


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