Still no joy and still in pain

Hi all I hope you have a great Xmas. I posted about my groin pain and waiting on MRI results. Iam still in cronic pain and I haven't had my results yet. I've seen my gp but she can't do anything till the results come back. Iam so fed up with all this and feel so down as I also have fibromyalgia ME CFS OA and other health issues. I also have alopecia and they just don't care give you pills and send you on your way sorry to be putting all my troubles on you lovely people but Just wish it would all go away. X

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  • Do you have any hernias? They might not show up on an MRI but on an ultrasound while standing. Could be the ilioinguinal iliohypogastric and genitofemoral nerves or sports hernia.

  • Hi - do you have any problems with your periods such as pain, heaviness, clots or irregularity? Does your pain vary with your cycle? You may have endometriosis. This is an immune/endocrine condition with autoimmune characteristics. Fibro and CFS are now both formally associated with autoimmunity and many women with endometriosis have them. I suggest you join the Endometriosis UK community on here as well to see if you identify with women's stories on there.

  • Hi lindle thanks for your reply I don't have periods since I had hysterectomy a long time ago so I can't see it being that. But thankyou anyway. Take care x

  • Hi - if you had no pain or gynaecological problems before your hysterectomy then it is probably unlikely. But for anyone with such undiagnosed symptoms prior to a hysterectomy they can find that endo is the problem as hysterectomy is not a cure. But hopefully you don't have it if your pain is recent. I was only diagnosed with endo at age 55 seven years after hysterectomy and BSO. But I was given oestrogen replacement so the absence of my uterus and ovaries was irrelevant in terms of endo progression. It is always worth considering if all other investigations fail to show anything. x

  • Thanks for that. It's very interesting because I always had pain b4 my hysterectomy so unbearable and the bleeding was terrible. I was 1 week off and 3 weeks on my periods. I had a full hysterectomy tubes and all. I had a grothe cysts. You name it I had it. The only thing I can say is it feels great to have no periods and my grothe was benign. Never thought you could get endo after a full hysterectomy.

  • Endo cells biosynthesize oestrogen within their own cells too and so can feed themselves. Also adipose fat produces oestrogen and is a significant source of oestrogen for continuing endo after menopause whether natural or surgical in overweight women. You don't say if you have pain other than in the groin but I think there certainly is enough of a chance that it could be undiagnosed endo to warrant investigations. Think about joining the Endo UK community as that is the recognised support group recommended in the NICE guidelines. x

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