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I need answers

Hello everyone! I have posted here before about a similar issue. When I have held my urine for awhile, like overnight, and I finally get up and take a "leak," my bladder feels like it is burning for about 20 mins. or so. But when I'm in a seated position, I have rectal pain that radiates into the vaginal area. I had a partial hysterectomy in 2012 via Divinci Robot. I think something went wrong there, but my gyno said everything went fine. I'm skeptical as now I'm having these bladder and anal/rectal problems. Does anyone else have these problems post hysterectomy, especially via Divinci Robotic surgery? And does the anal/rectal pain sound like prolapse? I'm desperate to feel better. Oh, I forgot to mention that the rectal pain seems to radiate up to my center back. I also have a hiatial hernia. Will someone tell me something that might help? Thanks!

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Hi, your problem could be with your pelvic floor muscles. Tension in your pelvic floor (trigger points develop because your muscles are holding too much tension) can radiate pain to other areas. This can happen anywhere in the body. I think also this is common in women who have undergone pelvic surgery such as yourself. Pelvic floor pain issues often go undiagnosed. You should see a Physical therapist who specialises in pelvic pain. It may also pay to see a urologist and get checked out for Institial Cytitis. Hope this helps. Good luck


In my opinion I would go to your GP and explain your symptoms again as they are persisting. .I would write down your symptoms and how they effect you so that he takes your complaint seriously. Your GP may be able to order a diagnostic ultra-sound to check the bladder and rectum to make sure there is no prolapse. After you have the results from that he should be able to decide which specialist to refer you to. Good Luck and hope you get sorted out soon.


I would both see a PT who specializes in pelvic pain and a urogynecologist. You can find a pelvic PT by going to and using the find a therapist feature and searching for the women's health (or maybe it's pelvic) therapist. Do further online reaearch or call the office on the names that come up in the search results because sometimes names come up where they arent pelvic therapists by some mistake.


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