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Treatment at UCLH pain clinic

I've got an upcoming appointment at the pain clinic at UCLH and I'm wondering whether they usually perform the high-definition pelvic MRI as standard for someone with chronic symptoms probably related to the pudendal nerve, or is it normally a 'basic' MRI (if they even offer anything at all)?

What were your experiences at the diagnostic stage with UCLH?

Thanks for any info.

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I paid to have a MRI nurography .......I went private firstly and then got transferred to there NHS list ......for me the appointment was pointless.......


My UCLH gynae sent me there as a tactic to avoid excision surgery (endometriosis) my experience with a hands-off physio and clinical psychologist it was all very well but all very "hands off" and lots of talk but seen as palliative and not a "cure" (they re-iterated this repeatedly at the beginning). No painkiller advice, and certainly no scans. Maybe your journey and reason for going may warrant more tangible treatment, but I've not found it esp helpful. Find out some time later that all the research "well researched" and "evidence-based" though it may be is based on back pain and not about pelvic pain at all. A good awareness of chronic pain, but waaayy not specific enough.....


You're local pain clinic will be able to offer the same......and probably nicer people. The nurse who was in the room eye rolled and was clearly bored, and was eating sneakily out of her bag whilst the doctor was talking to me......I felt like walking mother has also been pointless also.



I have spoken to several people and also the women's physio I see about UCLH pain clinic and it seems that they are known for not providing a particularly good service especially for women. I was seen there for one appt, pain from endo, adeno and IC completely belittled and told I don't need pain relief! Was never offered another follow up appt and was made to feel as though I was making a fuss about nothing. I doubt I would have gone back anyway. I'm now under the pain team at the endo centre I attend at a London hospital (which is fantastic) and although not perfect a better experience. I do think that hospitals especially in London need to be aware that there is a problem with the pelvic pain service there so that these can be addressed and/or they can look at developing their own specialist pelvic pain team which would benefit many specialties not just gynae and urology. Also maybe if other pain clinic and specialists stop recommending them they'd have to improve both their service and the medical teams bedside manner. I appreciate many patients will be more than happy with their service but after reading negative reviews on here and from speaking to other patients or medical professionals this does seem to be the exception

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