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Some success with exercises

I'm a male who's had constant pelvic and penile discomfort plus other related symptoms for around 5 years.

I recently started doing a simple exercise which I've found gives significant relief which has lasted. All it involves squeezing the knees together, holding for a while, then repeating a few times. It seems to have the effect of stretching/widening/loosening etc the lower pelvis and hip regions.

Of course, the cause of each person's pain is different so it might not work for everyone - indeed it might even exacerbate some people's symptoms, so go slowly at first.

You can experiment by doing it sitting, lying or standing; you can also put something in between the knees (such as a cushion) to create a different angle of leverage.

You can also do the reverse exercise, pushing the outside of your knees against something, which works on different areas of the hip and pelvis. I do this one lying in a bath tub.

I found a youtube video which might add to my explanation (note you can do this yourself, you don't need someone else like in the vid). I've posted this below.

I've also been applying DMSO gel externally to the perineum/anus region which could also have helped, although I couldn't say definitively.

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Hi, thanks for the tip.

What is DMSO gel??


It's a by-product from the paper pulp industry. There have been studies and also anecdotal reports of its effects. Here's a link to one study (which is quite old but still relevant):

Note that I'm applying this topically. I bought it from an ebay store.

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Thanks for that.

What strength is the DMSO that you are using? Is it a cream?


Hi, yes it's more of a gel. Not for internal use. I apply on the perineum, external anus area, buttocks.

I got it from this seller on Ebay (I'm in the UK):

The one I got was 70% base formula, but they have different options.


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