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Oxford - Pelvic Pain Study recruiting

If you live within an hour of Oxford and you have pelvic pain, please read on :

Lisa Buck ( details below ) works as part of the University of Oxford's Pain Research Group,

They are currently recruiting for a new study called WIPSOx: Women in Pain Studies, Oxford, which is studying the effects of chronic pain on female hormone levels in the blood.

We are now recruiting women between 18-50 years old with chronic (< 6 months) pelvic or musculoskeletal (including Fibromyalgia) pain that live with an hour’s drive of Oxford.

The purpose of this research is to determine the levels of a variety of hormones in women with chronic pain who are of childbearing age. This study aims to investigate the extent to which hormone production is altered in women with chronic pain and whether we can identify scientific clinical features that relate to these changes. This would allow us to identify which women with chronic pain may require further investigations and treatment (for example with hormone replacement and Vitamin D) to prevent long term complications. Additionally, these results will inform the design of future research investigating whether hormones can be used to reduce the suffering associated with chronic pain in women

WIPSOx has a Facebook page and this explains all about the study and who to contact if you would like to participate.

If you would like more information search facebook for 'Women in Pain Studies Oxford' or use the fb link,

Lisa Buck

Research Midwife

EndoPAIN & WIPSOx: Women in Pain Studies, Oxford.

Nuffield Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

University of Oxford

John Radcliffe Hospital

Tel: 01865 221120


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Are you part of the closed Facebook group for pudendal hope? I don't know if there are people who live close but it might be worth a try. My pelvic pain for worse after a hysterectomy and left ovary removal, organs were healthy.


No, not part of any closed FB group. Happy for you to copy and paste it there mentioning Pelvic Pain Support Network. The charity PPSN is supporting this work by disseminating information about it along with several other University Hospital research studies for persistent pelvic pain including Edinburgh, Leicester, London ( 2 sites ), Southampton, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool.


I have just remembered something that happened to me ages ago which may be a clue to my never ending search for pelvic pain relief.

we'd returned home from the appointment with a specialist who told me the result of my c.t. scan.

of course it was clear like all the other tests.

went for a curry as a celebration and I had korma.

I recall it was very creamy.

to cut a long......

found myself on several intravenous drips after hideous diarrhia and dehydration.

the point is, the more drips I was given, the worse my pain got in my usual place. my lower left tummy.

is this significant.

the a and e doctor was perplexed but sent me home after giving me an elephant dose of something else to stop my pain.

the diarrhea could have been caused by food poisoning or slow passage of the grease.

but why oh why would I get my pain worse.????

any ideas welcome.

I'm just another gal grasping at straws.


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