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Pelvic pain after PID

Hey! I had PID about 2 months ago and i got that treated. My symptoms were lower back pain and abdominal pain, it felt like period pain that wouldnt end. I took all medication and i went for a sti retest and i was negative for everything. The back pain and and abdominal pain eventually subsided, however i know get random stabbing pains in my lower back and ovary area. Ive had a pap and it was clear. Im wondering what it could be?? Im scheduled for a USS and hopefully i will get my answers.

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I had an Ultrasound scan yesterday which revealed a 2.5cm cyst on my left ovary!


My daughter suffers from ovarian cysts. They are very painful. Did the doctor say that it will dissolve on it's own it do you have to have surgery?


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