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in my never ending search for answers,i've had an idea to take a new approach.

2 years ago I took myself to the same MRI clinic as the local hospital uses.

I got a scan of my pelvic area.

it was not expensive 130 euros.

the results were ambiguous mentioning my fibroids.

along with this brief report came a CD.

I've asked several of my specialists to take a look but they always make excuses.

I think they don't like the fact I went private but in my defence I asked them for this test and got refused probably cos of' austerity' or their bloody mindedness.

so I need a radiologist I can pay to take a look at my CD.

anyone know of such a person or company.?

uk based is preferable.

I'm at the point now I'm looking much better but its cos I'm putting weight back on.

I can keep popping the Tryptozol and pretend everything is ok or I can keep searching.

pelvic pain,bloating,gas,painful sex and loose stool are now my main concern.

3.5 years and still no diagnosis id so frustrating.

I'm scared to do my yoga in case its a nerve or prolapse prob.

even a result telling me the location of my fibroids would be a help.

need answers!!

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May be able to help with this. Send an e-mail to

What part of the country are you ?


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