Larry siegel

I have been in the hospital 8 different times this past summer! I had a laser prostrate procedure in June

followed by an operation on two hernias.I am miserable -leak and cannot sleep .I am very fatigue and always tired and hurt in my legs and back. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate them.

Thank You,

Larry Siegel

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  • Hi Larry,

    Sorry for all that you are going through. I'm wondering in maybe pelvic floor therapy would be helpful? I saw Stephanie one of the owners at pprh snd she's wonderful. Not sure where you live but if your not near either email and ask them for a referral in your area, even if UK or AU.

    Good luck to you



  • Thank You Diane.I live in PA.


  • Hi Larry,

    Good news -Pelvic Health and rehabilitation just opened a practice in Boston. Ask for Stephanie. Google them and read some of their past blog posts. They Have always worked with men. I think pelvic floor therapy with these guys will help you.

    Best of luck


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