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Pain becoming more frequent and in different places

I have had lower right abdomen pain for over a year now, and still have no diagnosis. The pain is intermittent but at time can be constant and has lasted up to an hour before, and it feels very sharp and deep and like a stabbing, cramping or twisting pain. I have noticed that over the last few weeks i have been getting the pain more often and have been noticing it in the same area but on my left side. The pain is starting to really get me down, especially as I have just recently found out that the general surgeon I saw, doesn't want to see me again as nothing turned up on my ultrasound. I am starting to feel like I am not being heard by the doctors I have seen and keep getting past from pillar to pillar. I don't know what to do anymore. Whether to go back or just wait and see. Has anyone else experienced anything like this.

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I have also been experiencing some spotting every few weeks with clots since June, but not sure if this is because I am on the Pill


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