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Sharp pain in my clitoris

During the last two month I'm suffering a sharp pain in my clitoris just when I get the orgasm. I went to the sexual health center they checked everything and any infection or anomalies. They sent me to gp which didn't have clue so sent me to the hospital for a check and everything ok.... but the pain is there every single time I have sex with my hobby. Pls someone can help?

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This could be due to the strong contractions of pelvic muscles during orgasm and pressure on the pudendal nerve. I recommend you see a urologist and have them check your pelvic floor and refer you to a physical therapist. Botox in the pelvic floor is a more permanent solution. Pain during sex is a common female problem. Do you have any other symptoms of pain or numbness? One way to relax the pelvic floor is to use a large butt plug or dildo and leave it inserted for a length of time until the muscles contract and then finally relax.


Hi, I had/have chronic nerve pain in that area currently treated with amitriptyline and lyrica...I had your exact same symptoms one month ago...came and's due to a condition called pudendal neuralgia...

careful, only a pain consultant and NOT A GYN OR DUMB GP can help you with this...

stop seeing your gp !


A urologist specializing in pelvic pain helped me. I have vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction. after many tests and much trial and error I was given nortriptyline and diazapam suppository to relax the muscles but there are many ways to treatthis and every women is different. The pain clinic could not help me.


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