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After a laparoscopy found nothing but a 5cm cyst I'm still in pain but don't know what to do now?

I started experiencing excruciatingly bad period pain after an early term miscarriage last year. It was getting so bad I couldn't work during the worst days. After months of trying to get help , I finally got referred to a gynaecologist who found a 5cm cyst and thought I may have endometriosis. I was sent for a laparoscopy but they found nothing but the cyst which they decided not to remove. I've been off work several weeks now as I kept getting post surgery infections and then I had a period. It's been 8 days since it started and the pain is so bad the doctor has prescribed me tramadol, which I'm afraid to take as I'm also on anti depressants. I'm worn out from the pain, which is so bad I can't work while it's happening. I feel like its worse than ever and I've just been abandoned because they didn't find anything in surgery. The doctor has referred me back to the gyn but I'm at a loss now.

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stop with the gyneacologists. You need to see a PAIN CONSULTANT.

gyns are all useless about pain issues


How did the gynaecologist find the 5 cm cyst ? In your position I would request an ultrasound. A cyst inside the ovary would not necessarily be seen during surgery.

Let us know how you get on


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