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Ovarian cancer - cd this be cause of pelvic pain??

I've had severe abdominal distension for 15 months, plus constipation, pelvic pains. Prior to that I had a flat, toned stomach. It came on unexpectedly. My gp suggested ibs, Fibroids.

In last 9 months, I've developed bad wind and need to pee (urgently) and often get breathless as my tummy is so hard and swollen. I also find it hard to eat as get full feeling. My waist has gone from 10 to 14/16.

Now my periods have reduced from 7 days to 1 day. I had a pelvic scan which showed 3cm fibroid. They were not looking for cancer though.

I also developed a chesty cough at night. am now very concerned I have ovarian cancer. I am 35, have no children.

Has anyone had checks for ova cancer? Is it an abdominal CT scan? Please can anyone comment & give suggestions. I know I'm going to have to push my Gp get test done.

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Ask for ovarian cancer blood screening test

Called Ca125

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I will do, thank you x


Hi there. Ask your doctor for a ultrasound on your ovaries and uterus have just had it done last week have very similar sypmtons to you, no results yet.

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Thank you - hope your results are ok. fingers crossed x


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