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Getting the run-around!

Hi, i just had an ovary remnant, cyst and mass (size of a soft ball) removed. Ever since surgery I have been in pain in the pelvic/ tummy area...worse than before surgery. i have gone to the ER three times and they say it is nothing that is from the surgery....however, it is a chronic pain that needs to be treated. I think I have Pelvic Nerve Pain, because all of the symptoms fit. I have the burning, stabbing and throbbing. Right now, i am self treating...flexeril 10 mg and 100 mg ultram.....what do you all think of this? I am going to talk to doctor soon,,,,also frustrated on getting the run-around! UGH!!! Thanks for reading this :)

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I already have p/n pain and am having my o/cystremoved on Monday. Where is your burning, stabbing pain? Sounds like something isn't quite right. but it depends on how long you have had surgery as it takes a while to settle.


I had my surgery 4/10/13. it was a pretty extensive surgery from what they told my husband because the dr went in to do a quick removal of a cyst and ovary remnant on the bowel and ended up find the large mass and a ton of adhesions. my pain is in the lower groin area, left side, where the cyst was at. it also flucuates around the pelvic area at times...late in the day. And then at night it acts up on the right side pelvic/groin area. The pain also goes down my legs too. Does this eventually go away? :)


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