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Saline nebuliser

Hi, I've recently been issued a nebuliser and told to do saline nebuliser once a day when my daughter is ill.

My question is, is there such a thing as too much, since it's just salty air? (and she was assessed and issued this).

She knows she gets to watch the telly while she does it, so she's asking for it twice a day! If a little is good, is twice daily better? What are the downsides?


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My daughter has done saline nebs twice a day and has done so for 6 Years . When she was 6 she was happy / ish as it meant tv time like yours . Now she is nearly 12 and reminds me because she feels so much better afterwards .

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I have been nebulising hypertonic saline for around 7 years, once a day just prior to doing my morning physio session, as I was instructed. The idea is that it loosens up the secretions and makes it easier to cough them out, when doing the physio immediately after using it. If I am feeling more blocked than usual I have been told to do it again, just prior to the evening physio , but generally it is just the once a day I use it.

Works well for me, but is not suitable for everyone, hence why they assess the person before issuing it.


My opinion treat her as if she has PCD. I would recommend saline. I can't recommend physiotherapy and exercise for those with PCD enough... Exercise moves and loosens secretions and helps make physio easier. I am 41 with PCD and still going strong...

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My son is 3 years old & nubulized hypertonic saline (7%) twice daily during his vest therapy has been part of his daily regimen for over a year & a half. When he is ill, we do his routine three times daily (albuterol first to open the airway, then hypertonic saline during his 20 min vest physio. Twice daily he uses a steroid inhaler at the end) I asked his pulmonologist whether the hypertonic saline could be irritating to his airway (& maybe we should limit to twice daily) but I was told no. I'm sure there is a limit at some point, but we have found up to 3 times daily to be helpful. As others have mentioned, it is best to do during or before physio as it is intended to loosen the mucus. I would encourage her to cough b/c otherwise loosening alone does not do as much to help. The goal is to loosen then mobilize it out.


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