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Hypertonic nebulisers

Hi would appreciate advice on hypertonic nebulisers. Is it something that is routinely prescribed in adult patients with PCD? I have been on nebulised antibiotic therapy along with atrovent for many years. Just wondering whether I would benefit by adding hypertonic saline nebs pre physio?

Many thanks

Dianne M

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hi i've been on hypertonic nebs since i was like 10 now im 17 and it honestly does help me clear my lung really well.. it isn't my favourite neb does make me cough alot and taste really salty but it really does work and i think it is really good to have with physio hope that helped.


Thank you very much! It's something I will certainly be discussing with my consultant.


Hi - it does work for some people but for others it can make them wheezy or they produce some much mucus that it is difficult to clear. Definitely something to ask your consultant or physio about.

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Thanks Fiona appreciate your advice. Will discuss with physio's too.


Hello Dianne

My consultant thought that I might benefit from using hypertonic saline immediately prior to carrying out chest physio. However before being prescribed with it I had to be assessed. This is due, as Fiona mentioned, to it not being suitable for everybody.

It seems to help me.


My husband swears by it, does it 2-3 times a day (that may be overkill) but ditto what Fiona said. May be worth a try though to see how you do.


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