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Today was the first time ever a doctor wanted to hospitalized me for a lung infection and breathing difficulty and I agreed with him but I have family responsible which is (a two and half year old at home and care giving responsible to my mom ). Also I have my postural drainage device and my neil med rinse for my sinus at home so I will work really hard at clearing lung secretion. I thought I would get better lung drainage in my own home but a caring doctor the nursing care and resting would have been heaven. I did get anti-botic via IV and puffers and care prior to going home and strict bed rest for the next few days. This syndrome is not seen to the public and by other family members at times, and sometimes I feel like people don't understand or have empathy for people who can't breath. I am glad there are doctors devoted to their patients and can be a person who actually cares if I say I can not breath and I find this PCD family support to be helpful and resourceful.

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Hope you feel better soon. Make sure you ask your family/friends to help with your child and Mum - you need to get better yourself properly.

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I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care!


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