hi i suffer with very bad bloating! was hoping to find out if pbc can cause this?????

hi every1, hope ur all well, i have a queastion for you, i have really bad bloating (where i look lke im 7 months pregnant) i am on alot of medication due to a severe back problem, does any1 else suffer wiv this? its really starting to get me down :( i was only diagnosed early this year & my consultant is a bit bulshy so dont want to ask him anything unless i reaslly have to.

your answers would be very much appreciated.many thanks

susie :)

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  • Hi susielou, first may I say if your consultant is as you say bolshy I would perhaps see if there is another consultant you could see. As for the bloating I have same problem. When first diagnosed March 2012 I lost weight, but since I started taking medication, urso and steroids (I have AIH/PBC overlap) in particular I started with the bloating. I wonder did you get in touch with PBC foundation. They have lots of information and booklets that explain things. British Liver trust also has lots of information available. I read in one of the booklets that digestive issues including bloating are symptoms related to PBC. Not everyone is the same though.

    Have a look through the posts on this site, there is so much help and information available, we all have different symptoms but we are all in the same boat.


  • I'm sorry your not feeling well. I too have a lot of pain and take Vicodin, which in turn makes me constipated and bloated. I found that drinking lots of water 8 (8 oz) glasses plus a probiotic help a lot. It didn't go away, but is tolerable. I feel bad that you are not comfortable asking your consultant questions. Remember you have hired him/her to take care of you. If they give you crap or make you feel like your a whinny stupid person to dare ask questions they deem unimportant, then find a better consultant. This disease is serious and you need to be able to ask whatever questions you need. I don't think ANY question is stupid. Especially if it give you any sense of relief. We are here for you too. Good luck and feel better. Patty

  • The cholestryamine for the itching gave me this problem. I had to stop using it. Also I use the probiotic, acidophilus. It also prevents me from have a yeast over load.


  • Hello susielou, bloating is a definite factor for me. I am a newly diagnosed pbc (5wks ago)and the main reason I went to doctors was I am a long term sufferer of Ibs. My symptoms of bloating were very different to my Ibs which was a trigger for me. Went through all the test to be confirmed pbc. I am now patiently waiting for a biopsy. I wish u well and hope you get an understanding consultant who you feel you can talk to . Take care

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