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URSO and itching

I read that URSO can cause itching to get worse. I started URSO on tuesday and my itching immediately became worse. I read that it helps release bile salts that can cause itching. Is this a good thing in regards to my response to the URSO and my PBC? I cant get my labs rechecked until July.I would like to know that my increased itching is because the URSO is working for me. (Its 5:30 in the morning so I hope this doesnt sound like jibber jabber). lol. Patty

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I found when I first started on urso my itching seemed to be a bit worse for a few months after but then again I also got heartburn and a bit of bloating at the same time too. The symptons vanished but the itching has continued. I've been on urso now for 28mths.

If you read the patient leaflet that comes with the tablets, it does state that a side-effect can be itching (puritis) and I think often with meds you read that they can cause certain symptons that you are taking them for in the first place!

I only continued taking the urso at the beginning due to the bloods starting to come down, that is what make me keep going as I've always been sceptical about urso myself.

Apparently itching in PBC is no indicator whatsoever of the condition, some of us itch, some don't and may never do so. I think it is how the body copes with what are supposed to be bile salts. My theory is that these bile salts are reacting with nerve endings that are causing the itch but also the bile salts that wouldn't do us any good are coming to the skin surface to be dispensed that way via the pores.

My itching over time has altered somewhat. I still have it but it's gradually decreased in severity and currently I've just had several pretty good days and also managed to get some good night's sleep so I think with the urso it does take awhile to see an enormous amount of difference.

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Hmmm ok thanks for sharing. ??


hi engasser i know tis is an older question but just starting third week on urso.it made me bloat and trot to loo a lot so struggled with just taking half dose till today.however never had itch till starting on urso now got it pretty bad well its more like a nettle sting.just wondered if yours had calmed down any?


Hi cazz22

I started urso a fewdays ago, never itched before and now it is pretty bad too.


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