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Hi everyone, I have just had a new prescription from my GP for my urso. I have been taking the capsules but the new ones are in tablet form. Since starting these I have been itching again and wondered if anyone else has has this problem or is it just a coincidence.

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Hiya, I have had PBC for 13 years now. On one occasion several years back the pharmacist gave me a different URSO. Within a few days things like itching had increased. I asked about the new tablets and was told they are the same just a different "manufacturer". I looked into it more carefully and even contacted the pharmaceutical company of the original capsules. The chemist at the company said they were likely to be a cheaper type and that the ingredients within the capsules would probably be different.

He told me to go back to the pharmacist and GP and insist on having the capsules that I had originally taken as they were keeping everything in order. I did that very politely asking the local pharmacist if he could help meet sort this out. I Got him on side and spoke to GP. Everything has been fine since. So check if your new tablets are a cheaper version and if they are made by the same company who made your original ones.

Be brave ask the questions. This silent problem is still not understood by GPs and pharmacist. Hope that helps.

I can only take Ursofalk. The cheaper one makes me feel sick so there must be some difference.

I posted a similar question about 3 days ago, there has to be a difference between generic products and original, you only have to look at the price of each product. I'm seeing my hepatologist in August so that will be my first of many questions I need answering. My Gp only prescribes Ursodeoxocolic Acid so it's down to the pharmacist and hope they have Ursofalk in stock (it's about twice the price as generic ones) so as usual it's down to money

Fergusonm2 in reply to Biddyb

I have had to change gp and use to be given cholurso. My latest prescription is now ursonorm. I’m frightened to take them. Can I demand they give me cholurso. I live in Glasgow, Scotland ???

Biddyb in reply to Fergusonm2

My GP will only prescribe Ursodeoxocolic acid, I have found that our local Boots dispense Ursofalk rather than a generic brand, maybe worth doing a bit of research around your chemists to see what they dispense. I'ts a job to convince the medical profession that there is a difference between the brands. Good luck please post your progress as it helps with our battle.

Thank you, will let u know how I get on

I know this thread is a couple of months old but I found it interesting. How can I tell if my tablets are 'real' or generic? The first URSO tablets I had were bright orange but then the next prescription came through as a very pale yellow. I'm now wondering what the difference would be as sometimes I do get some side effects!


I think the urso I had from the hospital were ursofalk and I was OK with them but when my GP gave me another prescription, it was a white tablet and it didn't suit me at all. I asked for the original which was in casual form and I felt OK again. The urso falk is much more expensive. I am not sure but I think the cheaper version is generic but sure someone on this forum will know.

Should have read capsule form

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Are you ok with the form of Urso you are getting now? I do hope so.

Spanishnan in reply to Hidden

Yes I am back on ursofalk but just moved to Spain so hoping my Dr over here will prescribe the same.

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