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Gastroscopy ( Endoscopy)

Has anyone had a Endoscopy to check if Varices are ok and not bleeding.Just had a look iny PBC booklet and this has been mentioned.Been to see my consultant today and he said he would like me to have one to see if everything is a ok and to be on the safe side,must say he is on the ball with thing's,i do know this is not a very pleasant proscedure and said no straight a way,he then said would i feel better if he did it himself and not some one i didn't know,which did make me feel a little better,but just wondering if it is a must and i will have to have one eventually.I have got to say the Consultant i see i am more than pleased with he give's me plenty of time to ask ouestions explains everything so i can understand ,i am a person that does show my feelings and told him i felt so alone as not many people understand what we have to live with and ended up in tears, he then said he was allways their and not to feel alone which i though was very reassuring.Take Care

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  • My consultant also wanted to make sure that all was well and did offer sedation if I wanted it. I had an endoscopy about a month ago and it was indeed a horrid procedure but it didn't last very long - only about five minutes. The doctor explained the procedure beforehand and pointed out what can go wrong which was a bit worrying but she was very reassuring. In fact everyone was very kind and I managed to have it without sedation which I was very pleased about. The worst part is actually swallowing the camera which is about as wide as my little finger but once it's down it isn't too bad until air is blown into your tummy which isn't a very nice sensation. But I got through it and so will you. You sound as though you have a very conscientious and caring consultant so you really shouldn't worry too much. If you're really concerned do ask for sedation so that you won't know very much about it at all. I came away with a report and pictures of my insides a copy of which is sent to my GP plus the reassurance that the procedure won't need to be repeated for two or three years!

    Good luck and try not to worry - it really does sound worse than it is!

  • I've probaby had this procedure about 3 or 4 times, can't even remember. Each time I was sedated and don't remember any of it. I had no problems. In 2003 the dr. found erosions, which I was put on Nexium to prevent. If you keep having these and they aren't healed from reflux, you can develop cancer there.

    I think they call it Barretts's sydrome. Last yr. one was done for the Dr. thought they found a blockage in the small intestine, on an MRI. But once he went in there was nothing there. I wondered if it could have been a blob of Cholestryamine for I was using it then, and had to stop it for constipation. :) !

  • I have had this procedure many times and after not being sedated the first time, decided to be sedated the following times and it was just fine. Besides a bit of a sore throat afterwards, there are no ill effects. So you should have one done if they feel the need t be on the safe side. Varisces are very serious.

  • Ive had this procedure done and I had sedation - it was fine. Dont really remember much about it. If you are worried go with the sedation it makes it so easy.

  • Hi,

    I had an endoscopy. Beforehand a friend told me she had had it and it was horrible and she recommended the sedation, which they do offer. So I went with an open mind. The nurse talked it through with me, and I decided to go ahead without the sedation. As someone else has said it is quite quick, and I suppose you could say uncomfortable not painful. My consultant did it himself and the nurses were excellent, just talking me through it all. So while I wouldn't particularly like to have it again it was o.k. I think for me it was right not to have a sedative, as immediately it was over I felt fine. They gave me the results straight away, and everything was normal, which was great. I hope it goes as well for you.

  • I have had it done several times now, and dont remember anything about it when I came round, I have to have it done every 2 years. I have sedation, and a throat spray too, I think that it all depends on the individual, and how much sedation is given. I wish you luck.

  • I am scheduled in May. Was told they would use Sedation, no discussion about being awake.

  • Thanks so much for all your advice,what would i do without you all,it,s nice to know someone who's been there and done it ,you are all very brave.Take Care

  • I am on the side of sedation for sure. I have a very sensitive gag reflex and will gag just holding something in my teeth!!!!! I always have sedation and always just accept that I will be sleepy afterwards. It is a chance to rest!! I have Scleroderma, Sjogrens and PBC as well as Rheumatic Heart Disease so I just have to go with the flow if I want the best care that is offered to me. I can't tell you how many Endoscopies I have had over the years but of all the things they want to do to me that is probably the easiest. I think that maybe when I had a

    TOE (transesophageal echocardiogram) to look at my heart, I was awake because I can still remember it vaguely.

  • I had this done 6 months ago without sedation. I did cope, just, but will be having the sedation in future. There was nothing requiring immediate treatment but there were a couple of slightly enlarged veins in the stomach which they will look at again in 2 years. Would advise going ahead with it as it is worth the peace of mind.

  • I had this done without sedation years ago and found it quite painless. But if you are a tense sort of person who can`t relax then I think you should go for the sedation option.

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