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I am Cristina Enescu from Bucharest, Romania, as my ID also says:), and I am a volunteer of The PBC Foundation.

Currently I am working to prepare documents in order to soon get in touch with doctors and patients and start spreading out the news about the foundation and what it does for people with PBC. I already am in touch with a few patients here in Ro.

My relationship with PBC is primarily based on my mother having had this disease (which, as someone very well put it, only 'particularly nice people' can get :) ) and, currently, on my trying to make a contribution to the foundation's work, in Romania but not only.

I ask anybody out there who maybe knows Romanian people living in the UK or anywhere else abroad - doctors, PBC patients, liver patients who might know other patients, or even just .. warmhearted Romanians - so many out there ;) - who might need the foundation's help or even only give us/ mea bit of a helping hand (contacts, networking and spreading the news) - please do let me know.

For what it's worth, I speak German, French and Spanish, if that helps anyone at some point in communicating with the foundation, I shall be available.

Have a beautiful Christmas time everybody and be well!

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